About Me

my names Hasan.

I graduate from Erciyes University in 2001 with BA in computer programmer

I have two diplomae.

I graduate from Anatolia University in 2012 with BA in Business Administrator.

I working as project administrator last ten years in a software company.  www.e-imza.com.tr

I have experience in eighteen years.

I began to software job with Delphi 2.0.i done a lot project with Delphi in four years.

I also knew Solaris operation system,Oracle 8i database.the project consists 60 centres.Centers connect between each other via x25 protocol.the project owner is Turkey undersecretariat of customs.


I knew Oracle, windows server, Linux server so I started Database Admin at the docuart company. (www.docuart.com.tr)

I was Database Administration a lot project in two years at the docuart company.

some of the projects were Gis project.so I learned oracle spatial data management.


I started as System Admin&Database Admin at e-imza company.

I installed Oracle 10g RAC with 7 Node.Users put the 60G data to the database per day.

I made project with Oracle 10g, MySQL, Apache, PHP

i won very well experience on big data and web application with PHP, Oracle, Java, shell script.


some of my last big projects is www.pttkep.gov.tr.

the project’s similar is rpost.com.

project’s standard is ETSI 102640.

i use open source software for almost all project.i gain experience on Linux, MySQL(percona xtradb cluster), Apache, PHP,CodeIgniter, java, digital-sign with HSM device,

postfix,dovecot, SquirrelMail, Roundcube, glusterfs, drbd, virtualize,…etc.

now it has more 100k users and more hundred centos server.

if do you want, I give you more details about the project because of i design project with cluster system, Linux HA, load balancer, flow diagram….


some of my works link is www.github.com/ureyni.

I working as a freelancer on the internet. I fix and develop a lot problem in projects, generally Github projects.

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